Fresh Tasty Salad

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Fresh Tasty Salad


Our Tasty Salad combines large delicate salad leaves with tasty mustard greens.

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Produce Info

Our Tasty Salad combines large delicate salad leaves with tasty mustard greens, expect to find leaves from Lettle Gem, Continuity and Cos lettuce’s and Mustard Greens including Tatsoi, Mizuna or Rocket.

Big Leaves, Big Flavour perfect Salad.


1 Bag

Variety & Origin

Little Gem | Continuity | Cos | Tatsoi | Rocket | Mizuna – Organic Seed

How to Use – Juice | Raw


juice salad


Nutritional Info

Lettuce is one of poular green leafy-vegetables. Its crispy, green/crimson-red leaves are one of the incredible sources of essential nutrients that benefit health. Indeed, it is among the most sought-after greens, be it in your crunchy green salads or healthy sandwiches!

Tatsoi is packed with a slew of nutrients, including vitamin C, carotenoids, folate, calcium and potassium.

Mizuna is low ow in calories, high in folic acid, high in vitamin A and carotenoids, high in vitamin C, and contains glucosinolates which are antioxidants.

Rocket, the nutrient-packed greens provide substantial amounts of vitamins A, K and C, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and several beneficial phytochemicals.

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