a long journey

‘come and give me a hand in the garden son’ – ‘i’m busy Grandad’

I remember this a lot as a kid, my grandad was a farmer, and his family farmers….oh how he would be laughing now.

This all started about 3 years ago, a total direction change from the norm of sitting in front of a computer to getting my hands dirty. I’d seen and come across many articles regarding sustainable food, grow your own e.t.c and noticed a lot of abandoned buildings starting to pop up in our local town.

What if these could be used for an alternative use, growing produce, in a controlled environment….all Year round?….so the journey began.

As with every dream you have setbacks and obstacles, it soon became clear that it wasn’t going to be viable to use a building, certainly without paying fee’s that would hinder the startup of the project…many of those buildings are still empty though.

Our GrowRoom

We grow on floor level as well as walls to create 4 growing surfaces

Over 2000 plants in a 40ft space

growing lovely Leafy Greens and Fruit bearing crops

Our vegetable’s grow in clay pebbles in 2 or 5 inch pots. These are then suspended within pipes either horizontally or vertically and nutrient rich water is dispersed using drippers and sprayers direct to plants. They Love it

The plants filter the water which is then collected in our sump tank and back up to our fishes.

Our Shrooms

Oyster & Shiitake Mushrooms providing Co2 for our plants

Spawn supplied by MushroomBox

Shiitake & Oyster - Glad to be working with them, Great support and advice

Plants require Co2 and the amount of plants we contain within our grow room it was obvious there would be a lack of Co2 and we would need to add this. What better way then to grow Mushrooms, they produce Co2 and are great eating.

With some excellent advice and support from our suppliers we currently have our 1st batch going through the process, expect to see these in the New Year.

Shiitake and a Variety of Oyster Mushrooms

Mushrooms provide co2 which is pumped into the growroom for enriched and healthy plants.

The Concept

2 Shipping containers into 3 production rooms.

Organically grown above the ground produce

with Tilapia Fish, Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms

Bottom container houses our Vegetable Growing room, with the top split into 2 to create a Fish Room for the aquponics aspect and Mushroom Room for the Co2 Enrichment.

Fish create Plant Food

Plants filter water to be re-cirulated

Mushrooms provide co2 which is pumped into growroom for enrichment and healthy plants.

Our Fishies

5000l of water to house our Tilapia Fish

Supplied by Fish Farm UK

Fresh Tilapia from our trusted supplier

We can house upto 500 fish in our 5000l system. Each tank receives a constant flow of filtered water in addition the water is heated and pumped with oxygen to keep the fish happy and productive.

Our fish are fed twice daily with Premium Organic fish food to keep them happy and their waste as chemical free as possible.

Fish Waste goes through a filter process to create Plant Food

Plants remove nutrients and filter water to be re-circulated

Happy Fish = Happy Plants = Happy Growfarm



Grown in a regulated, controlled environment